Get Hold Of Rachael Ray’s Cookware Range To Add A Little Extra To Your Kitchen

Rachael Ray is everything, from an American television personality to a celebrity cook, to a business woman and an author. She hosts a number of lifestyle programs, reality shows and food series, like the Rachael Ray Show, Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels, 30 Minute Meals, and Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off etc.

rachaelraycookingThe range of items that have been featured or used by Rachael on her famous food series, The Rachael Ray Show, is worth taking a look at. The range boasts of versatile products; from kitchen towels to cookware to dinnerware sets to knife block sets and more. This article will focus on her range of cookware that is both versatile and highly functional in nature.

  • Rachel Ray Cucina Hard Enamel Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set
    One of her bestsellers, this cookware set is highly efficient and a must-have in a kitchen. It is a perfect combination of style, utility and efficiency and comes in warm and beautiful colours like red, purple, lavender and agave blue. This set includes saucepans and skillets that have been designed using an exterior of hard enamel porcelain and durable aluminium construction to allow even and fast heating of food. Rachael Ray is known to introduce time-saving options to both her meals as well as her product line. This set is an addition to her style- save time and enjoy great food! The best part about this range is the fact that the non-stick is PFOA-free that helps in an easy release of food and cleaning up is a breeze. Take up the sauté pan for a quick chicken stir-fry or a salmon burger, the stockpot for reproducing Rachael’s warm and inviting soup recipes, and use the slotted spoons and turners to your advantage. Additionally, there are dual riveted, rubberized and stainless steel handles and glass lids that are shatter-resistant sealing in heat and moisture. With a modern yet rustic look, this set spells elegance from all sides. Creating the perfect Rachael Ray meal is no longer just a dream away!
  • Rachel Ray Cucina Hard Enamel Nonstick ¾-Quart Butter Warmer
    Have you been craving butter popcorn or a hot chocolate with warm milk? Well, Rachael’s cookware range has the perfect solution for your cravings! An everyday saucepan that is highly versatile in nature; this butter warmer combines practicality with style and helps save cooking time. From warming clarified butter to pouring warmed maple syrup over a freshly baked banana cake is now very convenient. The aluminium exterior ensures that the butter is warmed evenly and a pour spout makes pouring a very simple act.
  • Rachel Ray Stainless Steel Cookware 1 Quart Saucepan
    Is the next barbeque party round the corner and you have been eyeing a saucepan for warming your BBQ veggies? This stainless steel beauty with a tulip shape and a comfortable handle is the answer to your queries. It has an aluminium base that allows even cooking, thus reducing the chances of burning your perfect steak sauce. Its glass lid keeps your food moist and warm for a beautiful texture. Being dishwasher safe, it also saves you the hassle of painful clean-ups.
  • Rachel Ray 1.5-Quart Teakettle
    Our mornings are never complete without a freshly brewed cup of piping hot tea or coffee. With this teakettle, that keeps your hands safe and the heat sealed inside, mid-day meetings will no longer be boring. It has a whistle that signals when tea is ready and a spout lever that flips up easily without any hassle. A rich porcelain enamel exterior adds to the elegance of this teakettle.

If you have always wanted your kitchen to look unique and your cookware to help you save cooking time, this range will never disappoint you. Rachael Ray’s Cookware is as versatile as her meal recipes!

Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook: Better than I thought!

martha stewartIt was a girls’ night out a couple of months before the holidays. The conversation was mostly filled with holiday menu and recipes. As my girlfriends raved about the Martha Stewart baking handbook that they use, I went on to think “I would never buy a recipe book! Could you not just lookup online for the recipes? Why would I invest in a baking book?” The conversation continued, and my friends kept gushing about how the book was “The Baking Bible.” I decided to read this book out of curiosity and with the intention of not being left out of the conversation, if and when the topic ever came up again. So, I stopped by the local bookstore and bought myself a copy. Since I started reading it, I have been hooked on to not just the book but also to baking for the rest of my life!

From where it all started

When I first got this book, I was just a novice baker who baked chocolate chip cookies and basic cupcakes for my kids. Too scared to try something new or different; I usually hand mixed all ingredients in a mixing bowl and threw the contents into the oven to bake. There was neither a procedure, nor an understanding about the science of baking. As I started reading the book, my interests in baking began to grow. The book helped me discover a hidden passion in me, and master the art of baking. I felt like a (baking) wizard, empowered by my spell book (which in this case is the Baking Handbook). The book has instructions on baking equipment that has motivated me to build my own collection; from measuring cups to piping bags, and from stand mixer to bundt cake pans, as opposed to a mixing bowl, spoons and a baking tray in my pantry before.

How did it help me?

The book has never let me down till date. Before I knew it, Christmas was here. Someone had got me the early present of a set of Sweet Elite tools so couldn’t wait.  There couldn’t be a more perfect timing for me to apply my newly acquired baking skills. I had to bake several dozen blueberry muffins and chocolate scones for the local charity breakfast event. Never before had I baked for such a large group, but I was confident that Martha Stewart’s cookbook would come to my rescue. My muffins and scones were a huge hit at the event, but the proudest moment was when my son kissed and told me “Mommy, these are the world’s best cookies” as he ate the oatmeal cookies that I baked for Christmas.

The book is highly organized into specific chapters such as simple baked goods, cookies, cake, pies, tarts, cobbler, yeasted baked goods and pastries. The recipes are detailed, are very well written and come out fantastic every time. In addition, the book has step by step picture instructions for each recipe that give a visual of what each step should look like. It’s almost impossible for me not to drool on as I flip pages. I most often than not rely on the pictures to check on my work periodically. The gorgeous photos make up a beautiful display in the book.

It is not only the 200 delicious recipes, but also the invaluable tips and techniques that make this a great book. One such tip that comes to my mind is when making caramel, using a drop of lemon juice in the sugar syrup keeps it from the sticking to the sides of the pot. Ranging from basic baking techniques to refined advanced tips, the book is a perfect guide for novice as well as expert bakers, for baking simple cookies to elaborate pastries. You may be a beginner in the kitchen, or an aspirant baking sous-chef; this book is a must have for those who love to bake. This book has definitely helped me grow as a baker. There’s no other baking book that I would recommend buying.



Organizing Some Clutter In The Kitchen

I have been gifted with the task from my roommates to tidy up our shared space. I’m actually ok with this since they have been way more than helpful cleaning up after themselves. All the shared space includes the kitchen, living room, and the bathrooms. I’m not looking to do a major overhaul but there are a few additions I can make to make it look pretty good.

In the living room we need a way to organize the DVDs. They are just stacked on the coffee table and strewn about when we need to find any specific ones. Papers are all a mess on there too. A standing rack for the DVDs would clear that up, and maybe a filing organizer for the school papers and mail would do the trick.

In the kitchen we definitely need a way to organize little things like spices. We need a spice rack that can handle the tiny jars like cinnamon and thyme, as well as larger ones like the pepper grinder and salt. Perhaps those can be split up but I’d like to keep them together if possible. Our microwave has been sitting on the dining table for a while since there’s really no other place to put it. It doesn’t really make sense for the microwave to be there, so I’m checking out some options for a cart to hold it. The microwave stands there should be able to hold our oven as well as plenty of spices and even some extra pots and pans that we have.

For the bathroom we probably need something to handle the magazines laying around. A small rack could take care of it. We also need some way to store extra toiletries like toilet paper and some towels, so a cabinet of some sort could do the trick. We do have extra space in there so its feasible.. just a matter of preference for what style everyone would be ok with.

This should all be cleaned up in about a week after I can get everything and set it up. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the work I did for the rooms!

Handling Meat For The Best Cooking and BBQ Experience

bbqFlavorful kebabs, mouth watering burgers and crunchy nuggets. Doesn’t that sound tempting? I’m sure they are. Meat has always been a part of our eating routines. It is the ingredient found in almost all of the main dishes served in restaurants and in our dining tables. Definitely meat has a great impact in our diets. Making sure that you provide your families the best tasting dishes, you must take note of some qualities that a good and palatable meat should have.

Butchers will always tell you that their meat is of the best quality. Some will tell you the truth and some will trick you. Who wants to be tricked right? Here’s a little tip that I could share to you in choosing the right meat. Remember that nothing beats your own judgment. There are around three things that you should first check before deciding to buy a certain cut of meat whether its color, smell and texture or consistency.

Obviously, the color should be some kind of reddish or pinkish but not that pale to consider it fresh. According to many sources online, the color is the first characteristic that you must check in the meat. It indicates how fresh the meat is. You wouldn’t want to feed your family an almost rotten meat. A meat that is fresh means that it doesn’t contain any disease.

The nose is a powerful organ that you can use to differentiate a palatable meat from the other. It should not smell like it came out of the dumpster. It should emit a pleasant smell. Bad smell will only mean that there are already a growth of bacteria and other microorganism. Imagine you’re swallowing a spoonful of these bacteria. This will surely cause you serious stomach problems.

It is not enough that you choose the freshest meat in the market; you should also maintain its quality. The best thing that you can do to preserve it is to place it somewhere cold. A small freezer can help contain the freshness of your meat. When the time has come that you decided to cook something delicious, you can always take it out and do your magic.

Cuisinart Cookware Range: For The Best Kitchen Appliances

Cuisinart is a home appliance brand that is owned by Conair Corporation. In 1971, Carl Sontheimer had started the company in order to introduce a food processor in the market. Later, with the brand’s rising popularity, Cuisinart established itself as a leading house ware brand, with products that provided incredible experiences.

What does the cookware range include?

cuisinart cookware rangeCuisinart’s cook ware range consists of a wide variety of appliances. Let us take a look at what they have to offer:

  • To begin with, there is the CastLite Non Stick Cast Iron Cookware. It has a 4 coat, non-stick, porcelain enamel interior. The core is made of cast iron. The exterior is a durable and hardy porcelain enamel that lasts for a long time. The handles are made of stainless steel and the product is dishwasher safe, making it a breeze to clean it up.
  • Chef’s Classic Stainless Colour Series is a set of stainless steel cookware. The entire range has an aluminium encapsulated base and the covers are also made of immaculate stainless steel that will help seal in moisture and heat. The range includes skillets, saucepans, stir-fry pans and stockpots for a wide range of culinary experiences.
  • Cuisinart also boasts of a non-stick series that is PTFE/PFOA-free and petroleum free. This entire range has a nano-ceramic interior and a heavy gauge aluminium core. The easy grip silicon handles make cooking and transferring food very convenient. The tempered glass covers allows the heat to be retained while cooking food.
  • Not restricting itself to non-stick cookware, Cuisinart also has a French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless Cookware range that has a pure aluminium core. The core is bonded to highly polished stainless steel exteriors as well as interiors. The handles and covers are also made of stainless steel.
  • Yet another classic cookware range is the MultiClad Unlimited Professional Clad range that has a hard anodized aluminium exterior and a stainless steel interior. Its tight fitting stainless steel cover keeps your food moist and warm. The entire range is dishwasher, freezer and broiler safe.
  • Green Gourmet Tri-Ply Stainless Steel range includes a cookware range that has brushed stainless steel exteriors and interiors. The most interesting part of this cookware range is the fact that it is eco-friendly and is made from 70% recycled stainless steel.
  • Cuisinart’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron Cookware has a full cast iron construction, enamel exterior and interior. The covers are self-basting and the handles are made of cast iron core.
  • Cuisinart is also a popular name in ovenware. Its classic collection non-stick roasters are a must-have in any kitchen. They are a classic combination of elegance and utility. The riveted, chrome steel handles are great additions to this appliance.
  • There are other highly efficient appliances like Chef’s Classic Non-stick hard anodized cookware, Chef’s Classic Non-stick stainless skillet, Contour Stainless Cookware and Contour Hard Anodized Cookware.

The wide variety of cookware offered by Cuisinart ensures that everything is taken care of in the best possible way. From offering optimal cooking surface that does not react or discolour with food, hard anodised aluminium exterior that allows even heat distribution, to stainless steel riveted handles that stay cool on the stovetop and provide a solid grip while cooking and handling; there is something special in every feature. The cookware range is dishwasher safe, broiler safe and freezer safe. Cleaning up after a marathon cooking session will no longer be a Herculean task. The tapered rims of the cookware range avoid accidental spills and drips while pouring liquids. All the appliances have secure fitting lids that seal in moisture and nutrients for food that is healthier and tastier. The appliances are highly durable, yet they come in with a lifetime warranty for additional satisfaction.